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Inspector 440’s Handbag Hangup

Copy of file00084131660One of my favorite posts by a fellow inspector is one Inspector 80 did on restaurant pet peeves.  When we dine in 200-plus restaurants a year, it can be hard not to become peevish, lemme tell ya!  My colleague omitted one that always makes me heave a perturbed sigh, and it has nothing to do with the restaurant’s food or service. 

This particular peeve resides in the restroom. Yes, yes, cleanliness matters, but I understand that restaurants do not employ a full-time janitorial staff. If they manage to keep the paper towels stocked and the carnage to a minimum, I’m appeased.

My personal peeve, far more egregious than the jet engine-caliber hand dryers that blast one’s hearing yet somehow do not dry one’s hands, is the absence of a purse hook on the back of the bathroom stall door.

Dear restaurant owners, do you know how much purses cost? (Well, not mine—mine is a $22 Target special, as I refuse to invest more in a bag than I would ever actually carry in it.) But to many women, purses aren’t just totes for wallets, gum, and other miscellaneous debris.  They are an accessory to both outfits and life and frequently cost far more than will be spent on a meal in your fine establishment. 

Ladies do not want to park their purses on the tile floor, even if that floor reeks of a fresh scrubbing with Pine-Sol.  I suspect that the straps of many a Coach, Prada or Kate Spade bear the tiny teeth marks of their owners as they strive to hold their precious cargo out of harm’s way while they conduct their business.

So, dear restaurant owners, hear my cry and invest the necessary $5 in this vital restroom accessory.  Your patrons will thank you for it.

And for you ladies who carry a clutch, you’re on your own.

Ladies — Do you agree with me? Tell me why or why not!