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Destination Fairbanks, Alaska


North to Alaska as the saying goes. More specific, let’s visit Fairbanks. Land of extremes – coldest temperature recorded was negative 66 (brrrrrrrr) and warmest was 99 degrees. Or, did you know, the longest day in Fairbanks is 21 hours 49 minutes and the shortest day each year is 3 hours 43 minutes. Visitors to the Golden Heart city are ... Read More »

A Small but Mighty Gem in Homer, Alaska


Café Cups call themselves a local art and dinner house. I call them the cutest restaurant I have ever seen. The dining room décor is high-end eclectic and quirky with vibrant colored lighting, vases and accent pieces. You will not be able to take your eyes off of the blown-glass artwork. You will want to, and can, stand up to ... Read More »

Waking Up To a Different View


As a new inspector, I have spent most of my time on the road going to towns and cities I’ve never been to. So the awe of waking up, opening the curtains to see the view has become an important part of my daily regimen. During the summer, waking up at the Lakeside Lodge and Suites in Chelan, WA , ... Read More »

Just Another Day of Inspections – on Board the Aleutian Ballad


Every now and then I get to do something a little out of the ordinary. For example, when working in Alaska, I was asked to check out the Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour. It takes place on board the Aleutian Ballad crab boat, which was featured on the hit television series “The Deadliest Catch.” It has now retired from its ... Read More »

Cool Ice Art in Fairbanks, Alaska

Magnificent Ice Sculptures at World Ice Art Temperatures in the negatives are a positive for the BP World Ice Art Championships, held annually in late winter in Fairbanks, Alaska. The natural refrigeration suits the sculptors, who need it for their pieces to hold their shapes. More than 70 teams from around the world descend on George Horner Ice Park, some ... Read More »

Snapshot of Alaska

Mount McKinley, Alaska What I love about travel are all those moments that just take your breath away, where you can’t believe how amazing the planet is. A few years ago, I flew from Los Angeles to Vancouver to meet my friends Kim (from San Diego) and Karen (from San Francisco). Together we hopped aboard Holland America’s Ryndam on a ... Read More »

Traveling British Columbia’s Inside Passage by BC Ferry

BC Ferry in Canada One of the perks of being an Inspector for CAA/AAA is the travel! While most of the travel is by car, it can be taken by train or airplane. And, as anyone who has visited British Columbia would know, it also means taking the occasional ferry ride. The BC Ferry system is considered to be an extension ... Read More »

Fishing in Alaska — Not Just a Man’s Game

Mt. Mckinley in Alaska Alaska. The name conjures up mind-blowing images— majestic snow-capped mountain ranges, glaciers calving chunks of ice as large as buses into pristine waters, grizzly bears scooping up spawning salmon and eagles with their talons locked in flight. If you’ve been to Alaska, the name also triggers other sensory memories, like the earthy, piney smell of Sitka ... Read More »

Alaska Aboard the Sapphire Princess

The Quick Coach shuttle transported our family to Vancouver from Seattle for our Alaskan adventure aboard the Sapphire Princess.  We were joined there by my sister and her family. The Sapphire Princess carries almost 2,700 passengers.  Although large, the dining rooms and entertainment areas are smaller and intimate.  Every day was a surprise at the breakfast and lunch buffets.  The ... Read More »

Alaska Road Trip Can Be a ‘Wild’ Ride

Question: Oreste Magliozzi asks: A group of six senior citizens is going to Alaska this summer and renting an RV in Anchorage. Do you have planning info for a road trip for a week ending back in Anchorage?. Answer: Candy Christman, publishing communications manager says:  A must-visit destination for an Alaska drive trip is Denali National Park. From Anchorage, take the ... Read More »