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Floods Devastate Alberta, but Calgary Stampede Still On


Despite epic flooding, Calgary promises that the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth will run as usual in early July. It hardly seems possible after staying glued to TV broadcasts and viewing the extent of the disaster that has unfolded since Friday morning and even earlier in some locales. The Calgary downtown core, including the Calgary Stampede grounds, was completely flooded, ... Read More »

Quest for the Best Edible Cocktails

St. Andrews Sour

Normally I love wine with my dinner and usually stick with that when I am dining. However, at a new restaurant I was checking out in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, of all places, something about a cocktail was crying out to me, so I decided to forgo my usual glass of vino in favor of this drink. The amante picante was on ... Read More »

Happy 100th Birthday to the Calgary Stampede: Part One

Calgary Stampede Calgary is known for many things like its famous Alberta beef, the Canadian Rockies, Banff close by and the 1988 Winter Olympics, where the Jamaican Bobsled team and Eddie the Eagle made history.  But the famous Calgarian hospitality is probably showcased best at the world’s largest paying rodeo better known as the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada. Granted ... Read More »

Gondola Rides in Jasper and Banff

Banff Gondola, Alberta Neighboring Canadian national parks Banff and Jasper in Alberta have no fewer than three aerial tramways that will carry you up mountainsides for spectacular views of the Canadian Rockies. Being from a flat state (highest point in Florida: 345 feet), I find mountain vistas irresistible, and so on a trip north of the border, I rode all ... Read More »

Jasper National Park and The Maligne Valley

Maligne Lake, Alberta, Canada Frank’s notes from last summer’s trip to the Alberta, Canada area may inspire travel planning – and now is the time to make reservations at popular summer destinations. I decided to make the entire 30-mile drive to Maligne (pronounced mah-LEEN) Lake from the town of Jasper because I wanted to see the canyon, which was just ... Read More »

Hockey Fan Trip Planning

From the Q&A mailbox: Question:  Shannon from Ohio writes, We're following our hockey team through Calgary, Vancouver & Edmonton this season. How do we find the places to stay, that favorite local eatery & the "must see" attractions and the best ways to get around town? Answer:  Check out our online travel guides to Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton. Map your ... Read More »

Dinosaur Hunt in Alberta

Sometimes the highlights of a vacation happen by accident, and that’s how we discovered the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta. We’d planned a week-long stay in Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, complete with a side trip to Dinosaur Provincial Park in Patricia. I’d made reservations for the bus tour a month in advance. The Red Deer River ... Read More »

Traveling the Canadian Rockies by Rail or Road

Selwyn Range, Canadian Rockies (Rufus Hawthorne/Wikimedia) Question: David S. asks: We are planning a trip to Alberta Canada and visiting the Canadian Rockies this August; anything you can tell us about the Rockies would be most helpful. Also I believe there is an overnite train w/a glass top. Answer: AAA travel publishing manager Renuka Sastri, who took this trip last ... Read More »