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DC Street Art


As you travel in many cities around the world, you occasionally see creative images on the sides of buildings. Art created in public places is often called “Street Art”. Street Art can range from simple to elaborate graffiti, murals, sculptures or any other medium that displays an artists creativity and vision. Traveling the streets of Washington D.C. is no different. ... Read More »

Lake Eola, the “Other” Orlando


Having grown up in Orlando  before the city was just a glimmer in the eye of Walt Disney, my parents would take family and friends visiting from the North to Lake Eola, in the heart of downtown. The lake’s green-domed fountain was a favorite of visitors and locals alike. A nighttime drive-by provided a colorful sight, complete with oohs and ... Read More »

Walldogs of the Midwest


During my travels throughout Central Illinois, I have discovered many of the smaller towns I visit have large murals painted on the side of several of their historic downtown buildings. Upon further research, I found that these were no random works of art, but actually the work of people known as “Walldogs”. Once considered a pejorative at the turn of ... Read More »

Bone Creek Museum Puts Agrarian Art on Map


Traveling at 75 miles per hour forces emerald fields of corn and golden fields of wheat to blur, creating a hypnotic feeling, inducing fatigue. The Nebraska section of I-80 is a lengthy, flat, pass-through route, spawning the state’s negative reputation for boring drives through “nothingness.” This area of the world is difficult to appreciate without slowing down and getting out ... Read More »

Art and Architecture on NYC’s High Line


The High Line is a one-mile park that runs along a former elevated railroad line on Manhattan’s lower west side. Set 30 feet above street level, the space has been redesigned into an aerial greenway with unique public art installations on and around the walkway. It is also a great way to capture the beauty of the city’s classic architecture ... Read More »

Find Inspiration at Taubman Museum in Roanoke, Virginia

Copy (2) of Roanoke_TDR

I recently visited Taubman Museum of Art in downtown Roanoke, Virginia, and wholly recommend it for all ages.  The contemporary art — some on permanent display and some as traveling exhibitions — will inspire you.  I am not an artist but can appreciate the exquisite talent of the modern and historical pieces.  I was awestruck as I toured and felt ... Read More »

Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum: Celebrating Creativity

American Visionary Art Museum, MD On a recent travel research trip to Baltimore, I had the American Visionary Art Museum penciled on my itinerary. I knew next to nothing about the place, and it turned out to be one of the highlights of my visit. Baltimore, aka “Charm City” and the home of filmmaker John Waters—famous for shot-on-location classics from ... Read More »

A Surreal Gift: The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg When A. Reynolds Morse and Eleanor Reese married in 1942, they treated themselves to a unique wedding present: a painting by surrealist Salvador Dali titled “Daddy Longlegs of the Evening Hope!” The pair quickly became avid Dali collectors, and, as a result, developed a close friendship with the eccentric artist and his capricious wife and muse, ... Read More »