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The 150th Anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference


This year Prince Edward Island, Canada, celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference. Why is this event a big deal? In 1864 this was the conference that began the talks for a union of the Maritimes. What actually took place was something much bigger than what anyone had expected. This conference turned out to be known in Canada’s history ... Read More »



Sometimes there is a moment when you’re dining out that something is just so perfect it makes you want to weep. It could just be how hungry you are, the people you are with, or the wine you’re pairing with your meal, but at times you just need to shake your head at the sublimeness of the moment. It doesn’t even have ... Read More »

Quest for the Best Edible Cocktails

St. Andrews Sour

Normally I love wine with my dinner and usually stick with that when I am dining. However, at a new restaurant I was checking out in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, of all places, something about a cocktail was crying out to me, so I decided to forgo my usual glass of vino in favor of this drink. The amante picante was on ... Read More »

Trekking Through Québec, Canada

Québec City, Canada My mission? Two weeks of hotel, restaurant and attraction evaluations in the province of Québec. This included arriving in Québec City and following the southern bank of the St. Lawrence River north to the Gaspésie peninsula until it turned south at the Gulf of St. Lawrence. I would then continue through Gaspésie National Park and ultimately return ... Read More »

Vancouver’s Most Inspired Indian Cuisine

Vij’s Restaurant, Vancouver As veteran international foodies with a special fondness for the avant-garde, my husband and I were eager to experience Vij’s Restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia. We had heard enchanting tales of the legendary pan-Indian cooking philosophy, the all-female Punjabi kitchen crew, and the outlandish wait times. We had an early lunch, took deep breaths, and arrived five ... Read More »

Salad Daze in Nova Scotia

What Constitutes a Salad, Anyway? As a AAA Inspector,a large part of my job revolves around the assessment of food.  Generally this is not a problem, as I tend to consider myself somewhat of a gourmand, albeit an unpretentious one. A hearty bowl of fish chowder or a steaming plate of shepherd’s pie can induce sighs of pleasure as quickly ... Read More »

Restaurants with a View in Mexico and Canada

View from 360 Restaurant For several weeks I was intrigued while sitting on my balcony at the Holiday Inn in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when at night I saw twinkling lights high in the sky with nothing around them. In the day I could see a mountain with a winding road, and at night these glowing lights beckoned me to come ... Read More »

Vancouver’s Stanley Park – A Runner’s Paradise

Beaver Lake, Stanley Park, Vancouver I’m a recreational runner, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than setting the alarm for an early morning run along Vancouver’s scenic Stanley Park seawall promenade. Why the mornings? The six miles, or 10 kilometers, of solitary running that looks out over the waters of Burrard Inlet and the North Shore Mountains essentially the entire ... Read More »

For Theatre Lovers in Canada

Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, Ontario Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a great passion for the theatre. Besides the annual local school plays , my mother always managed to take me to a few live performances at the local town play houses and for special occasions a show downtown at Toronto’s Royal Alexander Theatre. As the years went ... Read More »

Stampede in the Streets: Part Two

Parade during Calgary Stampede Read Part One, Happy 100th Birthday to the Calgary Stampede, here. The Calgary Stampede fun doesn’t just stop at the rodeo, chucks and fairground activities— there are a ton of other things going on around the city. The whole city gussies up with a Western theme from store fronts, window painting and displays to jeans and ... Read More »