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I wasn’t expecting to return to Denver so soon, but my niece was getting married and I wouldn’t miss that occasion for the world. So, although I made the trek to Colorado last year, the wedding provided me a great opportunity to see some of the things during that visit. Where to Stay Last year I had the opportunity to ... Read More »

Downton Denver: Experience the 1910s & ’20s in Modern Times

Brown Palace Hotel & Spa, Denver In the past few years, nostalgia for the 1910s and ’20s has re-emerged in American pop culture. Whether it’s cable documentaries memorializing the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the popularity of shows like “Downton Abbey” and “Boardwalk Empire,” or the buzz about the upcoming movie version of “The Great Gatsby,” it ... Read More »

Top Denver Travel Sites

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Colorado State Capitol, Denver It had been a number of years (OK, more than two decades) since I lived in Colorado.  And while I had been back for short visits during that time, this was my first time back as a tourist.  The trip started out wonderfully, and it bears mentioning because airport security experiences are notorious. But the friendliness of ... Read More »

Must See Denver Art Museums

Denver Art Museum Denver is home to unique and wonderful art museums including the Denver Art Museum (DAM), the Kirkland Museum and the Clyfford Still Museum.  On a recent visit to Denver, I had the opportunity to enjoy some of the city’s finest treasures. The DAM is housed in a unique, angular building consisting of 230,000 square feet of titanium ... Read More »

Colorado Adventures at Rocky Mountain National Park

Buffalo Bill Grave Site I was on a Colorado adventure and heading for the mountains.  I decided to spend a couple of nights in the town of Grand Lake and ventured into Rocky Mountain National Park.  As I drove west on I-70 from Denver, a flashing sign indicated that the Eisenhower Tunnel was closed ahead. I couldn’t remember if the ... Read More »

Fall Colors in Utah and Colorado Mountains

Beautiful Fall Foliage in Colorado Colors are starting to peek through the tree tops, so start planning your trip! The good news is due to the high elevation of the mountains, sunshine tends to keep the days warm although the nights have started to cool down. These mountainous areas are true visual delights that postcards are literally made of. Be ... Read More »

If Loving Highways is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right

Driving down Texas Highway Written by both Inspector 37 and Inspector 65. My wife just stares at me whenever I profess my love for Texas State Highway 16. Or for Ouray’s Million Dollar Highway. Or for southern Oregon’s Pacific Coast Highway US 101. Hey, 24 years of auto travel as an AAA Inspector can do that to you. These are ... Read More »

Top Destinations for Summer Travel: Lakes and Parks

Yosemite National Park, CA This is the final post in a five-part series on the top destinations for summer travel.  In this post, our bloggers share their favorite locations specifically for lakes and parks. Whether you prefer being near the water, hiking or camping in a national park, taking in the natural scenic beauty in the United States and Canada, ... Read More »

10 Favorite Hotels & Motels for Budget-Conscious Travelers

Au Pic de l’Aurore, Perce, Quebec, Canada Below is a sampling of our inspectors' top picks, but for the complete list, visit here – AAA Inspectors Top One and Two Diamond Lodgings. As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, the unofficial start of the summer travel season, millions of travelers are beginning to plan road trips. For many, planning a vacation ... Read More »

Great American Beer Festival, Denver

At the Great American Beer Festival There are not many places where you’d see a Viking warrior, 20 Where’s Waldo impersonators, a crew of Old World German beer maidens, Super Man, and a leprechaun at the same social gathering. I found myself amid such an unexpected circle of friends at the Great American Beer Festival, held annually since 1982, originally ... Read More »