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Driving Through North Dakota’s Black Gold Rush


North Dakota is experiencing an oil boom in the Bakken Formation. US 2 runs right through the middle of this area in the state’s northwest quadrant. I had heard stories about traffic jams, massive amounts of trucks and no available hotel rooms before planning my trip on US 2 from Minnesota across North Dakota into Montana. Most of the complaints ... Read More »

Quest for the Best Edible Cocktails

St. Andrews Sour

Normally I love wine with my dinner and usually stick with that when I am dining. However, at a new restaurant I was checking out in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, of all places, something about a cocktail was crying out to me, so I decided to forgo my usual glass of vino in favor of this drink. The amante picante was on ... Read More »

Celebrating Valentine’s Day (Or Not) in the Midwest


Valentine’s Day Events 2013 Valentine’s Day is a holiday for the hospitality industry, with the goal of luring lovers for a romantic dinner or evening getaway. You can embrace the holiday, or you can defy it. In the region where I live, you can do both. If you don’t have a lover and prefer to join others in this situation, ... Read More »

Presidential Influences on North Dakota

North Dakota’s Badlands In my travels in the upper Midwest, I often get this comment from visitors: North Dakota is one of the last states I thought I needed to visit. When travelers, who are visiting all 50 states, finally discover North Dakota, they find a place with welcoming people of many cultures and beautiful scenery from east to west. ... Read More »

Flooded Destinations – Plan Ahead

NEW ! Please see the I-29 Road Closure – Inspector Recommended Detours post for 3 suggested detours for I-29 between Omaha, NE and Kansas City, MO. Flooding has had an effect on travel this spring and early summer through parts of the midwestern United States and Canada, and I have seen some of the results myself. In May, hotels in ... Read More »

North Dakota Flooding Q&A

Travelers have been concerned about road flooding throughout the US. Here is a question and the response offering general advice for weather-related road conditions. My husband is going to Williston, ND on US 2. He wants to know if the flooding will affect his travel. Our local contacts tell us that the best place to get the most current information ... Read More »

History and Charm In The American West

When I travel, I love to find the spots locals frequent and places with historic significance – or both. I enjoy learning about the areas I visit and experiencing the past and present as the locals do. A hotel that dates back 100 years or more is so intriguing to me and I am fortunate to have several in my ... Read More »

Crazy Horse and Quirky Sights in The Dakotas

As I travel for my work, I’m always on the lookout for the unique and memorable stop so here’s a few if you are traveling in The Dakotas: Anyone would probably describe Crazy Horse Memorial in Custer, South Dakota as big. When our guests this summer, three teenagers from a town near Venice, Italy saw this memorial all they could say is ... Read More »