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Dayton National Cemetery

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The Dayton National Cemetery, located on the western side of Dayton, Ohio, is a place of interment for veterans of the United States military. Established in 1867 to provide for veterans of the Union Army and Navy in the Civil War, the facility today includes 98 acres and has the graves of more than 44,000 veterans and their spouses. It ... Read More »

When Thoughts Turn To Spring in Ohio…


Toward the end of winter in late February and early March, when warm days alternate with cold nights, some Ohioans undertake the traditional task of tapping sugar maple trees for the production of maple syrup. Here in the Miami Valley of western Ohio, the Boy Scouts of Tecumseh Council are busy preparing to tap the maple trees in the forest ... Read More »

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

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One of the attractive features of Central Ohio, where I live, is that it is home to one of the nation’s premier zoos, The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. This GEM attraction, located in Powell, Ohio, is within easy driving distance of the city and is known to many people nationwide through television appearances made by the Director Emeritus, Jack Hanna. ... Read More »

Hopewell Culture NHP: A Glimpse into American Indian History

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Certain areas of the world, such as Egypt and Mexico, are noted for pyramids and temples left by ancient civilizations. Well, the American Midwest and South also have impressive monuments fashioned by earlier inhabitants. Scattered across the landscape of the Ohio and Mississippi valleys are strange earthworks, mounds and walls built by American Indians who lived in that area approximately ... Read More »

Hiking Through Ohio’s Clear Creek Nature Preserve

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One of my favorite hiking spots is Clear Creek Nature Preserve near Lancaster in southeastern Ohio. This forested 5,389-acre park is in southern Fairfield and northern Hocking counties in an area of the state called the Hocking Hills. Administered by the Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District, the facility is open to the public without charge. Visitors commonly enjoy ... Read More »

Dining in the Short North in Columbus, Ohio


As a AAA tourism editor, I have the opportunity to dine in a wide variety of restaurants in large cities and small towns. One of my favorite dining areas is a neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, called the Short North. As the name indicates, the area is just north of the city’s central business district. This is an urban community of ... Read More »

Best Kept Travel Secrets in Mount Adams, Cincinnati

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My favorite district in Cincinnati is Mount Adams, a densely populated, older neighborhood  just east of downtown.  With its hilly, narrow streets, Mount Adams looks more like San Francisco than a city in the Midwest.  Also like San Francisco, it’s a great place for restaurants, cute little shops and bars. Beware, however, as the area also has two drawbacks.  First, ... Read More »

Meandering the North Market in Columbus, Ohio

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North Market in Columbus, Ohio One of my favorite places in Columbus, Ohio, is the North Market, an old-fashioned public market filled with shops that sell meats, fish, cheeses and a variety of other fare, much of it locally produced.  Stalls with prepared foods showcase delicious Indian, Vietnamese and other ethnic creations as well as ice cream. The North Market exhibits ... Read More »

The New and Old German Village, Ohio

German Village, Columbus, Ohio When people think of Columbus, Ohio, they typically envision the large city that is the state capital and home of The Ohio State University.  That contemporary Columbus is certainly a vibrant and prosperous city that has grown rapidly over the past 60 years.  When viewing the gleaming steel and glass high-rise buildings of the modern city, ... Read More »

Around Town in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Union Terminal, Cincinnati, Ohio In a Major League Baseball-crazed Midwestern city, it’s hard to think about America’s pastime during the long, cold winter months but Cincinnati has much more to offer than just the Reds, America’s first professional baseball club. In fact, moreandmore visitors are taking advantage of the area’s year-round entertainment options. Cincinnati was a thriving boat-building town ... Read More »