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Quest for the Best Edible Cocktails

St. Andrews Sour

Normally I love wine with my dinner and usually stick with that when I am dining. However, at a new restaurant I was checking out in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, of all places, something about a cocktail was crying out to me, so I decided to forgo my usual glass of vino in favor of this drink. The amante picante was on ... Read More »

Celebrating Valentine’s Day (Or Not) in the Midwest


Valentine’s Day Events 2013 Valentine’s Day is a holiday for the hospitality industry, with the goal of luring lovers for a romantic dinner or evening getaway. You can embrace the holiday, or you can defy it. In the region where I live, you can do both. If you don’t have a lover and prefer to join others in this situation, ... Read More »

History and Charm In The American West

When I travel, I love to find the spots locals frequent and places with historic significance – or both. I enjoy learning about the areas I visit and experiencing the past and present as the locals do. A hotel that dates back 100 years or more is so intriguing to me and I am fortunate to have several in my ... Read More »

Crazy Horse and Quirky Sights in The Dakotas

As I travel for my work, I’m always on the lookout for the unique and memorable stop so here’s a few if you are traveling in The Dakotas: Anyone would probably describe Crazy Horse Memorial in Custer, South Dakota as big. When our guests this summer, three teenagers from a town near Venice, Italy saw this memorial all they could say is ... Read More »

Four Presidents and Lost Springs, Pop. 1

I’ll never forget the first time I went to the Black Hills of South Dakota and saw Mount Rushmore. I was on a quest to visit all 50 states and I had three left- South Dakota, North Dakota and Hawaii. I’ve heard a saying that you go to some famous places three times in your life: As a child, with ... Read More »

Drive Trips: Mount Rushmore-Badlands and Great Smoky Mountain National Park

   These featured AAA Drive Trips involve two National Parks, the subject of the AAATravelViews presentation at the May 12 Virtual Travel Show. Click on the Drive Trip's name to access the complete printable itinerary. The 281-mile Mount Rushmore-Badlands National Park Drive Trip goes through the Black Hills area of South Dakota. AAA Road Reporter Mike Robb says, "This is definitely a ... Read More »